Best morocco tours

Morocco is an exotic holiday destination. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, art, gastronomy, outdoor adventure sports. or leisure, this North African country offers a wealth of activities. For families on vacation, couples traveling alone, and independent tourists who tend to avoid organized private tours in Morocco, there is a lot to do.

You can stroll through the alleys of the medieval Medina and avoid the donkeys carrying goods to the market. Also, You can camp under the stars of the Sahara. Even if you visit one of its modern cities, such as the capital Rabat, the soft hum of prayer calls you hear will breathe eternity into the air.

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Morocco weather

Morocco is rich in mountain scenery and desert landscapes, and both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean have coasts. Therefore, in terms of climate, we can think of Morocco as four different regions: North: Between the Rif Mountains and the coast, summers are mild, and winters are cool and humid. Central: The center of Morocco, hotter than the coastal areas, with mild winters and possibly very hot summers. The average temperature in cities such as Marrakech is about 38°C (100°F). Desert: In the southern desert, the temperature in summer may be higher than 40°C (104°F), but winter is more pleasant. However, like most deserts, it is always cool at night regardless of the season. Mountains: The overall temperature is relatively low, and the winter in the Rif Mountains and most of the Atlas Mountains are usually below 0°C (32°F).