Yoga Retreats in Morocco

Cat茅gorie voyage

Morocco has Deserts, Beaches, Medinas, Riads, Oasis and Mountains offering Solitude and Serenity to Explore and Restore…Come to Morocco’s best destinations for your Yoga Retreat.
These spiritual trips are those that allow you to indulge in other cultures in a more meaningful way. There are combined activities using local knowledge shared through workshops for personal and spiritual growth. In the dedicated space, we come together with our surroundings, to share and to live through a wonderful experience that will remain ingrained in our lives forever. Meditation, music, laughter, fun and group work all bring us towards a new awakening in this expansive terrain. The very nature of yoga pulls us forward in our consciousness and speaks to our unconscious selves. In this vast stretch of sky, sand and nature, we invite you to take the step to your new evolution.Cat茅gorie voyage

Nomad Morocco Holidays offers Yoga, a unique experience!

We can put you in access with the ideal environment.

We can provide you with:

  • Airport transfers to and from the Desert
  • Accommodation in rooms or desert camp
  • Vegetarian or traditional meals, breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Preparation of shared workshop spaces with carpets or necessary items.
  • Traditional dances and percussion music.
  • Guides and camels for the movement to places.

In short … everything necessary to obtain a comfortable and productive stay.All programs are all adaptable to every request. We will personalize your tour to accommodate your requests. We are committed to helping you with the transition to immerse yourselves into our diverse culture.

Morocco’s Deserts, Beaches, Medinas, Riads, Oasis and Mountains offer tranquility and serenity for the soul.


You can create your own tour and we are here to help you to make your Holiday become a reality:

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