Morocco Events & Festivals

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Timitar festival – usually in June

This festival, founded to honour Amazigh culture, is now one of the most important in the region. The best of traditional and contemporary Amazigh and world music can be heard here each year. Agadir Art and culture

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International Raï Festival – usually in July

This music which comes from Algeria has the place of honour. Moroccan and Algerian performers come to Oujda to liven up summer nights.

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Casablanca Festival – usually in July:

The interaction of different styles and types of music, dance and theatre makes the city sparkle like a thousand stars. Casablanca Art and culture

Moroccan Caftan – usually in May

The Moroccan caftan has the place of honour.

Marrakesh Art and culture.

Fez Sacred music of the World Festival – usually in June:

Fez Art and culture

Cherry Festival From – usually in June:

The different varieties of cherries grown in the Sefrou area are displayed and sold. The festival lasts 4 and includes dancing, singing, parades and the election of the Cherry Queen.

Festival of Popular Arts – usually in June

Dancing and singing folk groups from around the Kingdom participate in his colourful event.

Marrakesh Art and culture

Festival of Gnaoua and World Music – usually in June:

Musicians from the world over participate as do well known local talents: the Gnaouas.

Essaouira Art and culture

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Erfoud Dates festival- usually in October:

Traditional festival of dates in Erfoud, south-eastern Morocco

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