Please feel free to contact us via email ( or phone us to inquire about pricing.Because there are numerous factors pertaining to a tour, it is difficult to list specific prices in advance. For each tour available through NOMADMOROCCOHOLIDAYS, prices vary according to the number of guests, the time of the year and any additional adventures you request during the trip. For this reason, we ask that you please contact us with the tour(s) that interest you so that we can give you an accurate price for your specific tour.
Also, NOMADMOROCCOHOLIDAYS is more than willing to develop a customized tour for you! Contact us if you have specific activities or places that you want to visit. If you are interested in an unstructured tour, please let us know as well. Our  benefit is the quality of our service, the knowledge and professionalism of our guides and the conditions of our vehicles. We take great pride in our reliable services and your comfort and safety. Our goal is that you have an amazing, memorable and relaxing vacation!


Please let us know if you are vegetarian or vegan, so that food can be prepared separately for you.


  • Our company deals with both: individuals and groups.
  • Our trips are tailor-made and we can cater for any number of participants
  • Our prices can vary according to the season, the number of people and the excursion required
  • Children under 12 years of age receive a 25% reduction in tour price
  • We can adapt our trips and prices to suit your wishes, time constraints and your budget
  • We will do our best to meet your request and send you our suggestions.
  • Consider your needs and discuss your wishes with us before booking.

We will do our best to meet your request and send you our proposals.
We require a standard 20% deposit of the total tour cost to guarantee your tour, accommodations, vehicle, and driver/guide. We will confirm your booking with an email. The remaining amount will be invoiced on your arrival at our travel agency. You will receive an email indicating the various advance payment options, whether from Europe or Morocco.

We accept sorts of payment :

  • Western union
  • Money gram
  • Visa card
  • Paypal

We thank you for your confidence and look forward to welcoming you to Morocco.
Chance is a thousand times better than a date !

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